Stainless steel covered tube

Stainless steel covered tube

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I am a manufacturer of stainless steel water pipes. Let me introduce you to a product: stainless steel covered plastic pipes.

Plastic-coated stainless steel pipe: a thin-walled stainless steel water pipe with a plastic coating on the outer wall. The outer plastic sleeve plays a role in protecting the outer wall of the stainless steel, because it is a closed environment in the wall body, there is a certain humidity, and there will be a weak current. Over time, it may cause corrosion on the outer wall of the stainless steel (this possibility exists) ), so generally stainless steel pipes buried in the wall should be protected by an outer layer.

We know that the hot water supply must be transported by heating equipment to the place of use via pipelines. Most of the traditional pipelines have no insulation equipment. If the insulation treatment is done on the construction site, the construction will be more troublesome. The thin-walled stainless steel plastic pipe insulation tube is made of high-quality stainless steel pipe as the base material, and is covered with an integrally formed PE plastic stainless steel pipe. The outermost layer of this kind of pipe is a protective layer, and the inside is a stainless steel pipe. Because the heat preservation layer and the stainless steel pipe are integrated, the technology is excellent, the appearance is beautiful, the pipe groove is shallowly excavated, the construction is extremely convenient, and it is very suitable for hot water pipelines and heat preservation pipelines.

Plastic-coated stainless steel pipes are widely used in: cold water, hot water, thermal insulation piping for cold and warm rooms, piping for freezing, air conditioning, drainage, ventilation piping, medical piping, etc.

Size: DN15—DN100