Stainless steel pipe making mold machinery

Stainless steel pipe making mold machinery

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Yongjian Machinery was founded in 1999, with stainless steel pipe mold polishing machine as the core positioning. Yongjian Machinery has been deposited in the pipe manufacturing industry for many years. It has concentrated on the requirements of the equipment in the pipe manufacturing process. With the guidance of easy operation and durability, it has created the most practical new type of pipe manufacturing machinery that is suitable for private enterprises. Praise.

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Yongjian Machinery has set up a production base with modern characteristics, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, modern management system, independent design and the ability to develop various new products

Application of stainless steel fluid control pipe machine:

It is mainly used to produce stainless steel. Due to the maturity of stainless steel welded pipe technology, seamless pipes have been replaced in many fields. Used in heat exchangers, fluid pipes, sanitary pipes, automobile exhaust pipes, petrochemicals, building materials, steel pipes, chemical equipment, etc.

The application of stainless steel decorative pipe and stainless steel industrial control pipe machine:

It is mainly used for the production of stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes for decoration, products and household appliances. After the mold of this series of units is formed, round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes are pulled out, and oval tubes, semi-circular tubes, plum tubes, and other shaped tubes can also be produced.

Application of stainless steel square tube polishing machine:

Mainly used in the surface polishing and drawing of stainless steel (square tube, rectangular tube). Due to the mature polishing technology of stainless steel polishing machine, it is highly evaluated in the decoration industry (first: time saving/simple process; second, good quality/high Brightness; third is less pollution).