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What are the advantages of stainless steel double-clamp pressure water pipe connection?
- 2020-05-21-

You may not even know about the double-clamp pressure hose, and you haven’t even heard of it. Then let me tell you what is the connection method of stainless steel double-clamp pressure hose:

The connection method of stainless steel double clamp pressure water pipe is to use the effective rigidity of 304 food grade stainless steel material and the elastic compression ratio principle of the sealing material, while making full use of the length of the bearing interface, the clamp is connected on both sides of the U-shaped groove of the pipe interface Pipeline way. The double-clamping pipeline system is one of the most reasonable and safest connection methods in the domestic thin-walled metal pipeline connection. It is widely used in many systems such as direct drinking water, 100 tap water, cold and hot water, heating, gas, fire sprinkler, etc. field.

Connection principle: There is a special rubber sealing ring in the U-shaped groove of the port of the pipe fitting. During installation, just align the port of the stainless steel pipe to the positioning step position, and then use a special clamping tool to align the socket U-shaped groove and Extrusion of the clamping part on one side is completed.

The extrusion is to make the rubber ring play a sealing role, and the pipe fittings and the pipe material at the clamping position shrink at the same time and are hexagonal, so as to achieve the fixing effect and realize the connection between the stainless steel pipes.

Benefits of stainless steel pressure double card connection:

1. Safe and reliable

2.Convenient construction eliminates the need for traditional welding methods such as on-site welding, threading, and rolling grooves. The press-fit connection can be completed instantly, saving time and effort, and it is a success.

3. High strength and good seismic resistance, the connection part adopts one-time connection mode to avoid loose connection of pipeline.

4. Sanitation and environmental protection 304 sanitary grade stainless steel materials, hygienic and environmental protection, using green and safe, to ensure healthy water quality.

5. Strong compatibility.

6. No need to update, the scope of application is wide range of cold and hot water, drinking water, fire fighting, gas, heating and other fluid transportation can be used, and can be used for medical, catering, chemical industry and other fields of fluid product transportation.

7.70 years of service life guarantee, no need to update and maintain, saving costs.

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