The difference between double-clamp water pipe and single-clamp water pipe
- 2020-05-21-

Have you ever heard of "dual-clamped water pipe", and many friends may not have heard it, so since there will be a double-clamped water pipe, the following is a manufacturer of stainless steel industrial pipes, to talk to everyone The difference between double-clamp water pipe and single-clamp water pipe:

The meaning of the double-clamping type water pipe: using the effective rigidity of the metal material and the elastic compression ratio principle of the sealing material, while making full use of the length of the bearing interface, the pipe method of the pressure connection of the U-groove on the two sides of the pipe connection interface Called the double card pressure type.

The advantages of the double-clamping type water pipe: the connection strength of the double-clamping type pipe fitting is higher than that of the single-clamping type, which avoids the possibility of loosening of the joint, such as house vibration, water hammer vibration, pipe resonance, and pipe twisting. So the operation is more reliable and safer. Double clamping type pipe fittings inherit all the advantages of clamping type pipe fittings, and make up for the deficiencies of single clamping type pipe fittings in use. It has the characteristics of luxurious appearance, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution and durability. The double-clamping pipeline system is one of the most reasonable and safest connection methods in the domestic thin-walled metal pipeline connection. It is widely used in many systems such as direct drinking water, tap water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, fire sprinkler, etc. .

And single-clamped water pipe: From the appearance, it is smaller than the double-clamped pipe fittings. This is also the most intuitive difference between single clamping and double clamping. It is precisely because of this small diameter that double clamping has a better sealing effect than single clamping, although their installation is the same.

In summary, in fact, the double-clamping stainless steel water pipe is actually a modified version of the single-clamping stainless steel pressure pipe fitting. The installation method is completely consistent. By extending this small section of pipe diameter, the internal rubber ring is protected, which effectively improves Tightness between pipe connections.