How to distinguish between hot and cold water pipes?
- 2020-05-22-

Water is the source of life, whether it is drinking or using, we cannot live without it every day. The quality of life of latex families is getting better and better, which is reflected in various places indoors, and the water pipes used in daily life It also changed from a single water pipe to two types of hot and cold water pipes. So, what are the differences between cold water pipes and hot water pipes? The difference between the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe is still very large. The price of different wall thicknesses is different. The hot water pipe is more expensive than the cold water pipe wall thickness. Next, let's explain the relevant knowledge of the difference between cold water pipes and hot water pipes in detail for everyone. I hope it will be helpful for your purchase!

Cold and hot water pipes usually have obvious differences in logos. Hot water pipes are marked with red lines and cold water pipes are marked with blue lines. This is the most obvious difference that owners can notice when buying. In addition, the thickness of the tube wall is not the same. Cold water pipes use cold water, and hot water pipes use hot water. Due to different heat resistance requirements, the hot water pipe is thicker than the cold water pipe wall. In the same way, hot water pipes can withstand more pressure than cold water pipes. The hot water pipe can be cracked with a hammer, but the cold water pipe may only become white due to the force, and it will flatten at most, and will not crack.

Finally, hot water pipes are also more expensive than cold water pipes. Therefore, it is not economical to use hot water pipes as cold water pipes. But if conditions permit, it is also possible to use all hot water pipes. After all, the hot water pipes have stronger pressure resistance and are not easy to break.

The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about the difference between commonly used cold water pipes and hot water pipes. I hope to help friends who have needs in this regard. If you still have questions about related issues, please feel free to contact me.