304 stainless steel water pipe connection
- 2020-05-22-

304 stainless steel water pipeIt is a kind of stainless steel water pipe and the best direct drinking water delivery pipe. It has the characteristics of low water leakage rate and can save precious water resources. The water supply system was damaged in the earthquake, but the stainless steel water pipe system was intact. In addition, compared with copper water pipes, stainless steel water pipes have good water permeability and will not corrode under high flow rate. Its thermal insulation is also 24 times that of copper pipes. Since it is a water pipe, it must be connected one by one to deliver water to the destination. Here are the connection methods of 304 stainless steel water pipes?

1. Press-type connection --------- divided into single press and double press. Double clamping is the most stable connection method. The radial contraction external force (hydraulic pliers) is used to clamp the pipe on the pipe, and the water is sealed by the O-ring to achieve the connection effect. The operation is convenient, the sealing is good, and it is not removable.

2. Expanded ring connection--------Using radial contraction external force (hydraulic pliers) to clamp the pipe fitting on the pipe, and through the water seal of the broadband rubber seal ring, to achieve the connection effect, detachable, pipe Install the process of increasing the tube end rolling convex ring; the sealing is general, and the cost of the cast pipe is high.

3. Welding connection---------Using the hot-melting process, the two connecting pieces are welded to achieve the connection effect. The connection strength is high, and the gas protection of the welding seam on the spot is difficult to meet the standard, which causes the weld to easily rust, which directly reduces the service life of the pipeline; the installation quality is strongly dependent on the welding worker's technology, and the quality is difficult to stabilize

4. Self-locking connection-the earliest used for the connection of small-diameter plastic hoses, without the use of tools, quick installation. The inside of the interface is easy to loose and leak, and the sealing is poor.

The above is the introduction of the four connection methods of 304 stainless steel water pipe, I hope to help everyone.